Expert Witness

Expert Witness - DAN SABAN

Dan has over 32 years of professional law enforcement experience encompassing senior level executive administration, strategic planning, investigations, policy and procedure development and implementation, training and process controls, hiring, staff training, field work, crisis intervention, undercover operations, tactical operations, DUI investigations/operations, best practices, use-of-force, strategic planning, and thorough organizational audits/restructuring.  

Expert testimony (plaintiff/defense) to include the entire scope of Law enforcement operations from officer level to Chief of Police with an emphasis on the following specialties:

  • Litigation Support - Plaintiff & Defense
  • Law Enforcement Policy/Procedure Development/Implementation  
  • Law Enforcement Tactics/Tactical Operations, Conduct/Misconduct, Use of Force
  • Law Enforcement Organizational and Best Practices
  • Law Enforcement Internal Affairs Investigations/Operations/Discipline
  • Law Enforcement Training – Entry level through Advanced
  • Law Enforcement Undercover/Covert Operations
  • DUI Investigations/Operations
  • Private Investigations
  • Criminal Justice
  • Municipality Consulting
  • Corporate Consulting

An Expert Witness case history/experience list provided upon request.

Expert Witness - JIM HAHN

Jim has over 23 years of law enforcement experience which includes over 18 years of very specific experience within the undercover/covert operations arena and is as an expert in these operations. 

Expert testimony (plaintiff/defense) to include the entire scope of undercover and covert operations from detective level to supervisory agent with an emphasis on the following specialties: 

  • Litigation Support - Plaintiff & Defense
  • Best Practices 
  • Title 3 Investigations 
  • Asset Forfeiture 
  • Warrant/Search Warrant Affidavit Audit
  • Parcel Interdiction 
  • Search Warrants and Affidavits 
  • Confidential Information Recruitment/Management 
  • De-confliction Techniques/Practices 
  • Surveillance   

Expert Witness - William Kalaf

Bill has over 30 years of Information Technology Executive level experience working for and with Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies coupled with multinational, fortune one-hundred companies and over 20-years experience defining strategic plans, overseeing programs, budget management, and delivering and defining complex technology strategies and solutions.

  • Litigation Support - Plaintiff & Defense
  • Expert Computer Forensic Analysis and Security
  • FBI CJIS Compliance

Private Investigations


  • Criminal/Civil (plaintiff/defense) Investigations
  • Background Searches
  • Locate Searches/Reports
  • Interviews
  • Reporting Analysis and Recommendations
  • Public Record Search
  • Asset Search/Investigations
  • Theft Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Expert Testimony


Law Enforcement Consulting

LE agency best practices/risk reduction consulting to include the entire scope of Law enforcement operations from officer level to Chief of Police with an emphasis on the following specialties:  

  • Intensive leadership training/mentoring to Executive Staff. 
  • Assist Executive Staff with policies/procedures considerations/implementation. 
  • Assist Executive Staff with organizational strategic planning and promotional testing considerations. 
  • Mediation/conflict resolution services within the agency, other city departments, elected officials, and/or the community. 
  • Internal investigations support/ guidance. 
  • Assist agencies in effectively analyzing/auditing/assessing their risk exposures (through detailed review of litigation, settlements, and internal/external complaints). 
  • Assist agencies in establishing/creating public safety partnerships with Fire, Public Works, Code Enforcement, Parks & Rec, etc. 
  • Assist agencies by establishing regional partnerships with businesses, schools, citizen volunteers, faith community, other agencies, military, colleges/universities, and Major Incident Response, etc.  
  • Offer 24/7 hotline capabilities for Executive Staff with urgent, on-site, incident response consulting and risk guidance. 
  • Undercover/covert operations best practices to include: Asset Forfeiture, confidential informants, buy funds, parcel interdiction, knock/talk techniques, covert equipment, search warrants/affidavits, narcotic investigations, intelligence gathering techniques, Title 3 operations, surveillance, and more.  


Municipalities Consulting

  • Personnel investigations which are sensitive/complex in nature involving elected officials and/or high ranking municipal members. 
  • Performance/organizational audits for law enforcement agency. 
  • Provide mediation/conflict resolution services within the police department, other city departments, elected officials, and/or the community. 
  • Polygraph services 


Corporate Consulting

  • Personnel investigations which are sensitive/complex in nature. 
  • Private investigations, surveillance, and polygraph services. 
  • Provide mediation/conflict resolution services within departments, outside organizations and/or the community. 
  • Supporting Executive level manager’s with effectively developing their leadership style.  
  • Workmen’s compensation fraud investigations 
  • Fire Life/Fire drill training to meet mandated compliance standards. 
  • Active Shooter training 
  • Workplace violence training 
  • International travel policies/best practice procedures 
  • Create open dialog/partnerships with law enforcement and/or fire departments.